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The National Furniture Association is an organization supporting business to business initiatives, surrounding the Furniture Industry in the United States and emerging into other world countries. We have creative independence from shareholders, board members and committees; affording us with complete free-thinking to pursue and share new opportunities with our manufacturing, supplier and furniture dealer members.

About The National Furniture Association

about nfa

The National Furniture Association was formed to support furniture and furnishing manufacturers and their dealers by solving operational inefficiencies with innovative solutions. Our focus centers around four main principles: Promotion, Connection, Communication and Improvement.

Located in the United States, our primary support structures are geared towards the United States furniture and furnishing market; however, some of our solutions do incorporate international manufacturers and suppliers. In supporting the American market we have recently implemented a solution to allow international manufacturers and suppliers to market their company and products directly to furniture stores and other wholesale import buyers in the US.

When a strategy is implement to solve a particular inefficiency it will be done to serve a practical business need utilizing existing technology or developing new ones. It is our focus on our core principles while utilizing technology that separates us from all other industry associations.

Become a member of the National Furniture Association and utilize our solutions for your continued sales and improved operational efficiencies.
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